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what is xhuddle?

What is xhuddle? xhuddle is a movement. No one owns xhuddle. (But everyone kind of does). Athletes. Churches.

There’s no committee. No budget. Just a whole lot of athletes and churches serious about shining Jesus, our light, in our world – the world of sports.

We love Jesus and want to see him transform our lives and sports communities around Australia.

The things that make the xhuddle movement a success are, huddling, friends inviting friends, champions of the movement (like 2 x Olympian Jason Smith) and the xhuddle ethos that we commit to. Which is…

– huddle anywhere and everywhere   – keep Jesus at the centre   – pray and discern together   – welcome others   – serve and build one-another   – invite people to respond to Jesus   – no fans   – sports-person led   – help others huddle

Thanks for making a difference – and joining in the movement!

From SHAUN HART – Thanks Athletes & Coaches for joining in the xhuddle movement!

I love sport. But I’m more passionate about seeing athletes and coaches live out their faith with purpose and passion. This isn’t always that easy. But together we can make a huge difference for Jesus.

Can I invite you to invite your friends to join in the movement, own huddling in your sport or church and if you can champion the movement please let me know.

Thanks for coming on this journey with us! Shaun

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