xhuddle movement

a movement of Christian sports people across australia



We are a non-denominational Christian movement

Sports cohort

A wide cohort of Christian sports people (athletes, coaches, etc) working together

Better together

We have experienced the deep need & benefit of journeying with other sports people

Lives transformed in Jesus

We want to work in unison to see lives transformed around us and see God’s kingdom come

why together?

to keep our Christian mates in sports from becoming isolated

to help every athlete grow in their identity and relationship with Jesus

to tell our friends about Jesus

what do we want to achieve?

start a sports huddle in church
start a huddle with sports mates

huddles look like…

Huddles can almost look like anything! Coffee with a team mate. At home with 8 sports people. Once a month. Once a week. Be free to shape it however it works best.

be intentional

Be intentional about meeting – be open, sharing wins, losses, dissappointments, joys. Pray together. Share sporting ‘how-to’s’. Open the word & keep Jesus central. more resources

no fans!

No sporting “fans” are allowed, ever. Huddles are to be made up of people who see sport as life, not entertainment. Dedicated competitors, coaches, medicos, people who breathe sport.

athletes & churches

We want to be a movement where passionate athletes OWN huddling and secure churches ENCOURAGE their athletes huddling – even across borders! We want athletes & churches to flourish.

discover the X

Athletes are prone to the negative impacts of performance-based identity. And so the need to discover Jesus as the true foundation of identity is critical. Make it your aim to discover the X in xhuddle – Jesus.

pastor you’re key

Pastors you are key in encouraging your sports people to start a huddle and see them flourish. Encourage other mates in ministry to do likewise. A movement grows stronger with each new cirlce (xhuddle). Lives will be transformed.

great resources for running a huddle

fulfillment comes when we live our lives on purpose – athletes & pastors speak

xhuddle – it’s always better together